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What is VCM Suite?

VCM Suite (HP Tuners) manufactures software systems for the professional workshop alike for use in high performance tuning of a range of vehicles, currently including all Gen3 and Gen4 (LS1/LS2) Commodores, all post ‘98 American Gen3 equipped vehicles, and all Australian and Amercian LS2 powered vehicles.

Touch up or one shot - $200

Is for those times when you only want to change one part of your tune, this is the time to use our One Shot programming service.

  • Setting desired idle speed
  • Setting desired shift points
  • Setting rev limiter higher
  • Speedometer recalibration for different gear ratios or rim size.
  • Speed limiter delete
  • Setting desired fan temperature activation
  • Torque management delete
  • Skip shift delete
  • Performance Spark Table
  • Performance Fuel Curve

Custom Tuning includes all of the above in addition to custom programming to optimize drivability. The custom tune also has fuel and spark curves that are customized to the specific combination of parts and not just generic fuel and spark curves for a stock engine. Many aftermarket cylinder head and camshaft combinations require custom tuning in order to run properly.

Touch up - $600

‘Basic’ tunes to suit ‘bolt on’ LS1,

Full Tune MAF - $900 & MAF-less - $950

LS2, L76, L98 and Alloytec engines*

Modification/upgrade to ‘mid range’ tunes - $700

Where an engine is - for example - equipped with a small camshaft, OTR and other bolt ons - MAF*

Modification/upgrade to ‘mid range’ tunes - $770

Where an engine is - for example - equipped with a large camshaft, OTR and other bolt ons - MAF-less*

Modification/upgrade to ‘top end’ tunes - $950

Speed Density, twin turbo, supercharged, radical camshaft*

Ford Flash Tuner


CAPA Flash Tuner is the complete stealth programming system to unlock the hidden power potential of your BA-BF Falcon or Territory. Add up to 50 extra kilowatts of grunt, improve fuel economy, and firm up the auto transmission, without cutting and soldering wires or permanently altering your car. CAPA Flash Tuner makes your Ford or FPV a dead-set performer with ease.


  • No Wires
  • No Cutting of Original Car Wiring Loom
  • Total Flexibility in Loading Different Preset Programs
  • Return Computer Back to Standard at Any Time
  • Purchasing a new Ford? Keep your flash tuner and have it reprogrammed for your new Ford Vehicle (Maximum of 5 times per box). Charges apply
  • The Ford Flash Tuner really gives you the best of both worlds. A Great tuning product at a great price

Introducing a revolution in Ford BA Tuning

Ford Flash Tuner, the original solution to factory processor tuning for ALL Ford AU, BA & BF Models.
Ability to return back to factory tune in seconds.

Ford Flash Tuner - $695.00

(Includes One Generic Tune)

Additional Flash Tuner Programs - $100.00

(Each Program)

Ford Flash 2 - $795.00

(Includes One Generic Tune)

Ford Flash Tuner / Cat Back Exhaust Combination - $1,690.00

All BA Models

Ford Flash Tuner / Exhaust / Camshaft Combination - $POA

All BA Models

VIN Unlock and Reprogram Flash Tuner - $150.00

To Suit New Vehicle

VIN Unlock Flash Tuner Only - $75.00

(Programming Required)
NOTE: Flash Tuner CANNOT be VIN Unlocked if the vehicle is not returned to it’s factory settings.


(Req. for XR8/GT 2 Bar Map Sensor Tune)

Ford 2 Bar Map Sensor - $159.00

Ford 2 Bar Map Sensor Plug - $49.00